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Separated in some portions by the Mississippi River and located in different counties yet adjacent to one another, Minneapolis and Saint Paul make up the largest urban area in the Midwest after Chicago and Detroit, collectively known as the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is the state’s largest city, while Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. Both Minneapolis and Saint Paul boast a thriving and diversified economy, topnotch schools, strong health care system, and numerous recreational opportunities that has made them an attractive destination for thousands of new residents each year.

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A Minnesota native with more than 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, Scott Haubrich prides himself in providing the very best service to clients, using his in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, and effective negotiation skills, including resources like a high-quality professional network and the latest technologies that efficiently extends the range of his services. These are the hallmarks of how he works, and, LLC is essentially all about putting clients first; by keeping himself accessible, being a good listener and a good communicator, as well as responding quickly to their needs, clients have discovered the benefits of working with a true real estate professional. No matter if it’s finding you the dream home you’ve always wanted or making your property for sale stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, Scott Haubrich and the Haubrich Homes Team will help you achieve it.

Minneapolis Real Estate

Minneapolis has 11 communities divided into a total scott best realtorof 81 official neighborhoods, with each one distinct from one another, and the character of the city changing markedly between neighborhoods. The city offers a large and diverse selection of homes for sale, which include single-family residences that include homes of varying architectural styles, from classic Victorians to charming Cape Cods, to Craftsman bungalows, brick Tudors, and spacious Ranch-style homes. Waterfront properties, custom homes, and sprawling estates are also available, as well as more contemporary living spaces like apartments, townhouses, converted warehouses, and condominiums. A one to two bedroom bungalow with 1,300 square feet can cost you as little as $150,000, while a renovated vintage five bedroom home with two stories and 2,288 square feet of space will cost you about $550,000. Large estates with water-front locations start from around $1 million and up, while multi-unit dwellings like condos cost around $200,000 for a one bedroom and one bath unit with stainless steel kitchen appliances and granite countertops. DOWNLOAD MAGAZINE ARTICLE>>>

Homes for Rent in Minneapolis

Minnesota’s robust economy has created a tight market for rentals, with fewer options and higher rents for most. In Minneapolis, with apartments and condos currently being built and going up on every corner, more people are renting than buying, with the number of renter households in the Twin Cities rising 17.6 percent in the five years after the recession ended in mid-2009, and the number of owner households dropping to 12 percent in the same time period. Current average rent for apartments in Minneapolis is $1,215, with a two bedroom rental costing as low as $920 and higher than $4,420 in more upscale neighborhoods. Affordable apartments can be found in Ventura Village, Powderhorn Park, and Stevens Square, while higher-end units are available in North Loop, Downtown East, Linden Hills, Lyn-Lake, and the Warehouse District.

Minneapolis Real Estate

Get in touch with Minneapolis Realtor Scott Haubrich today for more information and discover what living in Minneapolis and St. Paul can offer you.

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