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Welcome to your Minneapolis/St. Paul real estate solution

When it’s time to relocate to a new home in the Minneapolis real estate market, sellers and buyers have more options than ever. A plethora of technology tools and a heightened interest in taking a DIY approach are quickly transforming what it means to buy and sell a house.

What hasn’t changed? The value of working with a professional Realtor, someone who’s homed in on the business, the local market and where it’s headed. Don’t leave real estate to chance; your home is at stake.

The full-service Realtor advantage

When you choose a full-service Realtor like Scott Haubrich to buy or sell your home in the Minneapolis and St. Paul markets? You’ll save time and eliminate hassle.

First, you’ll have an experienced guide every step of the way, from negotiating the offer to deploying a proven marketing effort that gets top results.

Second, relocation always comes with myriad tasks. You may not have the time to complete them yourself or locate, vet and hire professionals. However, Scott Haubrich and his team have the resources to cover your house-selling and relocation needs.
Whether you’re looking for a painter, need a landscaping facelift, a professional home inspector, a trusted mover, or just need advice and resources to plan your relocation strategy, we have answers!

Going home can be a lot easier than it sounds, especially when you have Scott Haubrich and with you every step of the way.