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5 Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Your Minneapolis Home

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Fall has arrived along with cooler weather, falling leaves and the start of less daylight, which also brings with it additional home maintenance. It is the time of the season where you want your Minneapolis home to start getting prepared for the winter ahead. Here are some tips to help perform maintenance on your home in the autumn season.

  1. Clean Those Leaves

    While it may seem like a never-ending task it is important to clean up leaves from not only your yard but also in the gutters of your house. Without cleaning out the gutters your house will stand a higher chance of the gutters getting backed up causing water or melting snow to go in the wrong direction. This could lead to even greater issues like leaks or roof damage.

  2. Fix Any Leaks or Drafts

    Throughout the summer the heat can cause certain materials to expand and contract sometimes reducing the tight fit they may have in place. An example of this is the front door which may have weather stripping around the outside. As time goes on and temperatures fluctuate this stripping could become damaged or have an additional issue due to regular wear and tear. By allowing cold air to flow through the gaps in the door or windows you are determining where some caulk may be used or additional insulation as this can cause a loss of energy. Along with this, the roof should also be inspected for any potential leaks.

  3. Clean Up Your Garden

    As summer comes to an end it is typically obvious which plants are going to push through a little longer and what plants are ready to make their exit. At this time of the year, it is good to assess what is happening in your garden and start to plan for next year. The fall is a better time to plant larger plants like shrubs and trees. It is also a good time to separate certain plants for thinning out or to help them spread more.

  4. Get a Tune Up

    You may only be used to getting a tune-up for your car but HVAC professionals will come and give your heater a tune-up as well before it begins to run again. It is also important to remember to replace any filters before first starting up. In addition to the heating system, an inspection and “tune-up” of the fireplace, if you have one, would be a smart safety move.

  5. Check Your Batteries

    It is important to check batteries and replace in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at least once a year. This ensures that if there is smoke or carbon monoxide you will know. Fall is a good time to do this since heaters have a risk of letting of carbon monoxide and it is not detectable by humans.

While fall may seem like things are quieting down and slowing down a bit, it is still a good time to list your home for sale. If you are thinking about selling it is also a good time to start preparing your house to sell. Contact me for more information and for a free analysis of what your home needs to be ready to sell and when would be the best time to list it.