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5 reasons Minnesota is a great place to live

If you’re thinking of relocating and Minnesota isn’t on your list of states to move to, reconsider your options.
From natural attractions and topnotch real estate to a growing selection of hip bars and restaurants, the North Star State has everything you need to live your best life.

Consider the fact that:

  1. Minnesota is affordable
    Affordability and quality of life go hand-in-hand in Minnesota. Purchase your first home, go back to school, and go out to dinner on weekends without having to worry about the cost of living. You’ll have your basic needs met without having to forego the finer things in life.

    There’s art and culture in every corner, not to mention a number of colorful festivals to keep you stimulated and engaged throughout the year. Public amenities, such as parks and community centers, are well-equipped and let you enjoy yourself without having to drop cash.

  2. Minnesota is home to one of the cleanest cities in the US
    Pollution and congestion are synonymous with urban centers, but the cities of Minnesota are the exception to the rule. Travel and Leisure Magazine even hailed Minneapolis/St. Paul the second cleanest city in the US. The Gopher State’s cities are clean and green. Rapid growth has been responsibly managed through thoughtful planning and good governance.

    As a result, residents go about their everyday lives in a clean and safe environment, where trails and green spaces are abundant and public areas are highly walkable. You can breathe in the fresh air as you cycle to work and spend more time outdoors.

  3. Minnesota is an aquatic paradise
    It’s called the “Land of the 10,000 Lakes” but locals will tell you that the exact figures are closer to 11,000. These lakes are more than 10 acres in size and give Minnesota more miles of gorgeous shoreline than California. This naturally makes the state an aquatic paradise where you can enjoy every water activity there is. Swimming, fishing, boating – the possibilities are endless.

    Rainy Lake is a popular destination for anglers looking to catch some bass, while Lake of the Isles is perfect for ice skating in winter. Admire the clear turquoise waters of Deer Lake or observe wildlife and dine by the water at Lake Pepin. Minnesota also has forested areas and passive parks where you can go hiking and camping.

  4. Minnesota hosts more festivals than you can shake a stick at
    Your social calendar will be jam-packed with fairs and festivals to attend. County fairs, music festivals, car shows – you name it, and there’s one being held down the block. Aside from the usual holiday celebrations, there are scores of art crawls that take place throughout the state.

    Some of Minnesota’s more offbeat festivals include the Scottish Fair & Highland Games, where you can enjoy tea, shortbread, and meat pie with a pipe band playing in the background. Then there’s the Minneapolis Aquatennial, which features a torchlight parade, fireworks display, and carton boat race. The highly anticipated Minnesota State Fair is not to be missed either – live music, fun activities, and delicious food will urge you to return year after year.

  5. Downtown Minneapolis is showcase of art and culture
    Downtown Minneapolis is home to scores of cultural venues. The Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden showcases a large collection of contemporary art while the Guthrie Theater stages first-rate live performances. Then there’s the excellent selection of bars and restaurants that serve Italian, American, Brazilian, and Japanese fare.

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