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How can I stage my home to sell while still living in it?

What’s behind all the fuss around staging your home? If you’re moving out before you put the house on the market, then arranging rugs and furniture and putting art on the walls will do a lot to warm up vacant spaces. As studies show, staging makes your house appear more valuable. Skipping this step can mean leaving money on the table.

If furnishings, belongings and other trappings of daily life are still evident, why is staging still important? What staging comes down to is making your house look as homey and inviting as possible. Ideally, it should be a better version of how it looks from day to day or when you have guests. Attractive spaces generate excitement during showings. But having too much of “you” in it can create something of a barrier. They’re not going to be excited about moving in to your house.

When you’re still in the house, staging it for buyers means depersonalizing your space, making it attractive, pleasant and suitable for everyone. We’ll give you some tips on how to strike the right balance of hominess.

Get it company ready

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by imagining you’re renting out your entire house for a week. If you were doing that, you’d put away many personal things, but you might dig up that fabulous candelabra you always bring out for dinner guests.

Not sure where to start? The easiest place is with the horizontal spaces in your house. Draw inspiration by browsing your favorite home décor websites, magazines and catalogs. What do you notice about the shelves, kitchen countertops and other frequently cluttered spaces? Rather than being packed and crowded, you may find no more than one or two pieces, surrounded by empty space. There are times when empty space can be a powerful interior design tool!

Edit your furniture

Now that you’ve packed up some smaller items that fit into boxes, assess your furniture. Again, less is more. If the wall has an unbroken line of shelving, cabinets and furniture, moving of these pieces off-site can make rooms look more open and airy.

Add warm touches

Once you’ve winnowed things, you may find some spaces could use a little freshening up. Throw pillows, nature art, lighting and new curtains are all easy and inexpensive things that make spaces feel cozier and more inviting. Put a vase or simple centerpiece on your dining room table. Add a new houseplant for a touch of vivid green.

Rent a storage space

Once you’ve completed this initial round of packing, you’ll want to store items off-site. (Storing in the garage is one option, but it’s better to keep that space open and available for showings.)

It’s a letting-go process

Keep in mind, what makes this difficult for some people is accepting a new mindset of moving on. Packing up your belongings and putting them into storage can feel disruptive and unsettling. If this process becomes emotional for you, it’s completely normal. Be patient with yourself and practice self-care as needed.

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