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Selling in a Hurry? 5 Essential Steps to Get the Best Price

In an ideal world, you’d have several months to spiff up your house before putting it on the market. In reality, there are times when a move must happen in a hurry. Whatever the trigger of your big transition, it leaves you feeling the pressure from a too-tight schedule. Because if you don’t sell your house promptly, you’re faced with the expensive prospect of paying double on your monthly housing costs. Before the for-sale sign goes up, job one is getting your house in top condition for buyers so you can make the best impression, and sell it fast. When timelines are tight, follow these five steps.

Step 1: Pare down your presence

If you’re moving right away, this step doesn’t apply — you’re already packing! But if you’ll still be around during the showings, start with minimizing your family’s presence in the house. An overly personalized house has an unwanted psychological effect on buyers: Instead of picturing their new lives in your home, they’ll feel like they’re snooping! In the first phase of packing, keep the basic furniture and daily essentials, but store personal stuff like yard toys, decorations and hobby supplies, in a storage pod that can be stored off-site and later filled when moving day arrives.

Step 2: Neutralize your walls

Your navy-blue dining room may be the height of chic elegance, and you love how your goldenrod kitchen glows in the morning sun. But when people move into a new home, the last thing they want to do is paint over someone else’s idea of a compelling color story. Transforming your walls to whites, beiges, taupes and grays offers a neutral starting point that makes the home feel move-in ready. So if you have the time, hiring that team of painters is worth it.

Step 3: Update your fixtures

A house that feels updated and well-maintained makes a great impression on the buyer. Shiny, new fixtures give any room an instant facelift, and earn you some ROI. Take a quick tour of the house and make a list. Switchplates, drawer pulls, showerheads and ceiling lamp covers can all be traded up very quickly, with few tools needed. If you have the time and skills, consider installing sleek few faucets or a new set of blinds.

Step 4: Spruce up the entryway

Whether browsing online or driving by, the front of your house is the first thing buyers see, so make sure things are neat and looking their best. In addition to keeping up with the lawn mowing, smarten up your lawn with an edge trimmer, and while you’re at it, power-wash your concrete and pavers. Finally, there’s nothing quite like foliage to give your front entrance that homey touch. Head to your local greenhouse and pick up a large planted container or two, flowers in the summer, evergreens in the winter, and arrange them near the entryway.

Step 5: Optimize your space with staging

All of the above steps are a run-up to the final concept of staging, which is all about presenting your house in a homey, inviting light, minus the clutter. While well-maintained systems and structures are critical, an attractive home will sway how buyers feel about the space. For that reason, staged homes sell 73% more quickly, and are perceived as more valuable than vacant properties, according to the Real Estate Staging Association. So if moving day arrives before the showing, it’s worth the extra cost and effort to hire someone to set up basic furnishings in the house. Things like sofas, chairs, dining tables, colorful prints and throw rugs can make a big difference.

Tip: Work with a full-service Realtor

If you lack time to complete the steps yourself, that’s when it pays to work with a full-service Realtor. Not only do they excel at marketing your home, but most people also don’t realize Realtors can offer many extra services and resources to homesellers. Whether you’re looking to streamline your relocation strategy, or you need the name of a vetted professional to paint, clean or pack your house, the Realtors at can make this process easier and more convenient — even if you’re in a hurry! Get in touch with Scott Haubrich at today by calling 612-298-5400.

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