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Ten of the Best Trails and Parkways in Minneapolis

There’s nothing like a quiet afternoon in the park or a leisurely stroll along scenic trails. Minneapolis has plenty of green spaces where the sight of trees and open fields will put you in a state of relaxation.

    1. Columbia Parkway

    Here you’ll find separate paths for walking and biking. It’s also home to the Columbia Golf Course, the second oldest golf course in the city’s park system. At 183 acres, there’s plenty of space for playing outdoor sports like Frisbee, while the picnic area is ideal for small gatherings.

    2. Cedar Lake Regional Trail

    From St. Louis Park, this trail runs all the way to North Seventh Street in Downtown Minneapolis. It passes by Brownie Lake Park and Bryn Mawr Meadows Park, giving you a glimpse of lush greenery and a shimmering lake as you jog, bike, or go a stroll along the pathways.

    3. Mississippi Gorge Regional Park

    This park’s dramatic landscape is comprised of hardwood forests on steep bluffs and flatlands situated along the river bank. Over 150 species of migratory birds call this place home.

    Aside from biking and walking paths, the park has a field, court, and rink. Visitors may have park space reserved for special events.

    4. William Berry Park

    Enjoy spectacular views of the park’s wooded landscape while you jog or bike. Roll out a blanket at the picnic area and have a lovely afternoon with friends and family. Test your skill at the archery range, or watch your kids play at the tot lot.

    5. Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

    The park’s unpaved trails and picnic shelters attract over 60,000 visitors each year. Go on a self-guided tour and get acquainted with the numerous plant and bird species you’ll find here. The sight of wildflowers, prairies, and wetlands will blow you away.

    6. Brownie Lake Loop

    This advanced trail requires expert skill and makes for a challenging but exhilarating bike ride. You can look forward to steep rock climbs, drops, and descents in certain areas. It spans 1.5 miles of single track.

    7. Theodore Wirth Regional Park

    The park’s off-road cycling trails include the South Loop, Back 40 Loop, and Glenwood Spur, which are ideal for intermediate and advanced cyclists. There’s also a mountain biking trail for off-road cyclists who want to conquer the park’s rugged terrain.

    8. Luce Line Trail

    Accessible from Theodore Wirth Regional Park’s Back 40 Loop, this former railroad line has been developed for hiking, jogging, running, and dog walking. There’s also a tread way for horseback riding that runs parallel to the trail.

    9. The West River Parkway Trail

    The trail features urban amenities and natural areas, making it an excellent choice for commuting and recreation. It runs along the Mississippi River and down to the Minnehaha Falls, giving you striking views of the water.

    10. Victory Memorial Drive

    Home to one of the first major cycling paths in the city, Victory Memorial Drive is populated with mature trees that flicker past as you ride your bike. This well-maintained greenway is bordered by Victory Park, where you’ll find a basketball court, tennis court, and wading pool.

For more information on the city’s trails and parkways, visit the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board website.