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The Top 4 Museums in Minneapolis

Museum in Minneapolis

One of the big draws to Minneapolis is the amount of cultural and sophisticated activities that are located within the city and can be easily participated in by many. From science to art and history, there are many options when it comes to museums within the city. To help you decide which one to go to next, here is a summary for a few of the top museums in Minneapolis.

  1. Bell Museum of Natural History

    Dive into the scientific displays at this history museum which explores the natural history of the world we all live in. One of the top museums in the area due to the help of constant research teams working to bring in new information and research that helps to boost the number of informative and interesting exhibits they have. Located at the University of Minnesota Minneapolis, this is not one to miss.

  2. Walker Art Museum

    Not only is this a top museum within Minneapolis but it is one of the top modern art museums in the entire country. With massive amounts of art on display be sure to stop and take in the building itself which is an architectural piece of art on its own. Walker also has more than just art to view with performances often happening at the museum. Also, notable is the outdoor sculpture garden.

  3. The Bakken Museum

    A museum dedicated to electricity located by Lake Calhoun is a unique experience and makes for one interesting visit. The museum itself is what used to be a mansion and among it are gardens to be enjoyed. What is interesting about this museum is how it makes you look at electricity, something that is constantly around you that you may never stop to think about. The exhibits are created in a way to help you understand the flow of electricity and are geared towards both adults and children.

  4. Minneapolis Institute of Art

    The Minneapolis Institute of Art or Mia is another art museum that is located within Minneapolis but holds a wide range of art in comparison to Walker. For those that are not as into modern art, this is the museum for you. The collection at this museum is vast and has a large range of different styles as well as different artists. Notable artists that are featured in this museum are Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Monet.

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