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The Twin Cities Culture of Living Well

Life is good in the Twin Cities – just ask families who have been here for generations, as well as the new arrivals who flock to Minneapolis every year.

Here’s why people come here to stay:

  1. It’s the most active metropolitan area in the U.S.
  2. A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine found that the Minneapolis-St. Paul area was the fittest city in the country. Over 83 percent of the population is physically active, and more than half engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on a daily basis.

    Communities are designed to provide residents safe opportunities to walk, jog, bike, or play outside. The availability of green spaces, pedestrian-friendly streets, and recreation centers also encourage residents to exercise and play sports. As a result, a high number of Minneapolitans are in excellent health.

  3. It has some of the best parks in the country
  4. In 2013, the Trust for Public Land named Minneapolis’ park system the best in the nation in for acreage, access, and services, beating out the likes of San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. About 94 percent of residents live within 10 minutes of a lush and well-maintained park.

    Parks help curb urban pollution and contribute to public health. They foster physical activity and provide social spaces where residents can meet and organize community events.

  5. There’s more than a dozen lakes
  6. Minnesota’s state slogan, “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, is no exaggeration. In fact, locals will tell you that the number is closer to 12,000. You’ll find 22 of these magnificent lakes in the Twin Cities, along with the Chain of Lakes, which covers about 13.3 nautical miles.

    Rent a kayak, paddle boat, or sailboat and enjoy a wonderful afternoon on the gleaming surface of a lake. Lake Calhoun Park has a sandy beach where you can lounge by the water or go for a refreshing dip, while Lake Hiawatha is encircled by walking trails and a pristine golf course.

  7. The city is filled with gorgeous homes
  8. Here you’ll find exquisite homes on oversized lots. Luxury homes can have as many as 5 bedrooms, along with walk-in closets, private studies, tennis courts, and outdoor pools. Waterfront homes are also available for those who want to live near the lakes.

    If you’re looking for the perfect home in Minneapolis, call Scott Haubrich at (612) 298-5400 or send an email to scott(at)buyrentsellmn(dotted)com.

  9. High wages and a low unemployment rate
  10. Residents earn 23 percent more than the average national household income, while the city has one of the lowest unemployment rates among major metropolitan areas in the U.S. This means Minneapolitans are properly compensated and are more likely to be financially stable.

  11. High quality of life
  12. The Minneapolis-St. Paul area has been ranked among the best cities for quality of life on the basis of income, health benefits, work-life balance, and the local economy’s strength. Residents enjoy good wages, excellent health coverage, and short work hours compared to those who live in big cities on the coasts.

    The city numerous cultural venues and entertainment options also contribute to their well-being. Minneapolis is second only to New York when it comes to the number of live theaters per capita in the nation.

For more information on Minneapolis-St. Paul, check out the Visit Twin Cities website.