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Top 10 Things to Do in the Twin Cities for Art and Culture

Art lovers and culture vultures will love the Twin Cities and the selection of galleries and cultural venues that can be found here.

Here are 10 things to do:

  1. Visit the Walker Art Center
  2. This multidisciplinary art center brings you the best of visual, performing, and media arts. You can look forward to world-class exhibits, stunning performances, film screenings, and thought-provoking lectures.

    Aside from the center’s permanent collection of visual art, you can view Gallery 9, an online exhibition space. The Living Collections Catalogue presents essays on broad themes and spec artworks works.

  3. Take pictures at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  4. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the highlight of the city’s park system. More than 40 works of art from the Walker Center’s cherished collection are on display, including the iconic “Spoonbridge & Cherry”. Seasonal displays can also be found at the Cowles Conservatory.

  5. Go to The Cedar Cultural Center
  6. Listen to some of the best folk, indie, jazz, and blues artists play at The Cedar, which hosts over 200 events every year. Spoken word performances, comedy shows, and dance recitals also take place here. The center’s concessions have a fine selection of beer, wine, coffee, and snacks.

  7. First Avenue & Seventh St Entry
  8. First Avenue is the place to be for live music. From well-known musicians like U2 and Eminem to up-and-coming talent like Soul Asylum, you’ll have a rocking good time at this entertainment venue. There are two performance spaces in the building, namely Mainroom and 7th St Entry.

  9. Take the stage at Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts
  10. Interact Theater mounts two original stage productions each year, along with a string of smaller but no less spectacular performances designed for schools and community events.

    Become one of the center’s artists by doing a tour of the facilities, immersing yourself in the actors’ daily activities, and working closely with Interact’s Client Care Coordinators.

  11. Watch a play at the Guthrie Theater
  12. Shakespeare fans will especially love the Guthrie, which has staged productions of the playwright’s famous works. Some of these include “Hamlet” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The theater also casts the best Twin Cities actors in iconic roles.

  13. Visit Rosalux Gallery
  14. Here you’ll find the work of over 20 contemporary visual artists, whose accomplishments include prestigious awards, grants, and residencies. Non-member artists also get the chance to show their work here by joining the gallery’s “Open Door” competition.

  15. Join the St. Paul Art Crawl
  16. The city’s studios open their doors to over 20,000 visitors for this semi-annual three-day event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet local artists, visit several studios, and admire original works of art. The crawl usually begins with a kick-off party, followed by dance showcases, poster exhibits, and concerts.

  17. Tour private studios during Art-A-Whirl
  18. Do open studio tours of art galleries, storefronts, and artists’ homes at this annual three-day event. Get the chance to see the work of over 600 artists in more than 50 locations across Northeast Minneapolis. You’ll also get to discuss techniques and purchase artwork.

  19. Smell the roses at Art in Bloom
  20. Floral artists showcase their work at this four-day festival. Admire the exquisite floral arrangements on display, watch a demonstration, or attend a lecture. The festivities usually begin with a gala event that features a party, dinner, and auction.

For more galleries, and cultural venues, visit the Meet Minneapoliswebsite.