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Museum in Minneapolis

The Top 4 Museums in Minneapolis

One of the big draws to Minneapolis is the amount of cultural and sophisticated activities that are located within the city and can be easily participated in by many. From science to art and history, there are many options when it comes to ...

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Twin Cities neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers

As in most parts of the country, looking for the right entry-level home has become quite a challenge in the Twin Cities. The main difficulty comes from the short supply, with home inventory – particularly starter homes – at its lowest s...

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The most sophisticated ways to enjoy

The city of Minneapolis offers the entire gamut of recreational opportunities – from professional sports teams to outdoor activities to cultural attractions. If your taste for entertainment runs along the more sophisticated, or you simply...

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Why play is not just for kids in the Twin Cities

In an effort to broaden their appeal towards a wider audience, a number of kid-centric Twin Cities attractions have now started offering adults-only events. One of the most popular ones to do so is the Science Museum of Minnesota, which host...

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Quick tips to prepare your home for a showing

Selling a home can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you’re entering a competitive market, where homebuyers can afford to be discriminating. They’re searching for the best home available, so you need to find a way to make yours stand...

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Minneapolis park

Upcoming events in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a happening place, with topnotch entertainment events and performances staged almost every week around the city, plus an array of annual fairs, festivals, and fun activities to look forward to. Check out our list of curren...

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The essential Minneapolis fall events guide

During the fall, Minneapolis transforms into a stunning landscape bursting with vibrant colors. But the season isn’t entirely about the city’s breathtaking fall foliage – some of the best events also take place during this time of the yea...

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