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Staging Your Home Room by Room

Have you been known to drool over delicious photos of beautifully decorated homes, like I have? Those gorgeous images on social media and in magazines are all staged. They inspire you, just as staging your home is the means to inspire prospecti...

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Staging Your House for Sale

You've been working hard preparing your home for a spring sale. You've cleaned, you've decluttered, you've repaired. Now let's take a look at staging your home for showings. Home staging is a technique for preparing a property for successful sa...

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Tips for Selling Your House This Spring

When is the best time to sell your home? In general, the month of May is considered to be the best time to sell a house. Homes tend to sell faster and for more money in the spring, so aiming for a spring listing is always a good idea. Befor...

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What to do before putting your house on the market

In a recent post, How to Prepare your House for Spring Sale Season, we went over three essential steps to start preparing your home for sale. Decluttering is the first step. That might involve renting a storage unit, as less furniture will make...

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How to Prepare your House for Spring Sale Season

Little things can make a big difference. We all want our home to sell quickly and for a big profit, right? Of course we do. But it takes work and planning to make that happen. Now is a great time to start preparing your house for a spring sale,...

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