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5 best neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Moving into a new home also means saying hello to a new neighborhood that should rightly answer your needs and wants. Luckily, Minneapolis has no shortage of vibrant neighborhoods with unique identities and amenities.

Here are five of the best neighborhoods in the city:

  1. Cathedral Hill
    Stately Victorians and elegant brownstones that have been converted into storefronts and restaurants give Cathedral Hill its unique, turn-of-the-century charm. Cozy cafés, fine dining restaurants, and small boutiques that offer high-end clothing and accessories only add to its character.

    One of Twin Cities’ oldest neighborhoods, it was the most prosperous district in the area during the 1930s. It has gone through a renewal since its sharp decline in the 1990s, making it one of the most desirable neighborhoods today.

    Landmarks such as the Cathedral of St. Paul and the novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald’s childhood home give it some cultural cachet, while the air of sophistication that pervades the neighborhood attracts those with refined tastes and sensibilities.

  2. Northeast
    Taprooms, galleries, some of the oldest architecture in the city, and relatively lower rental fees make the Northeast a haven for creative types and young families. There’s also a high concentration of students and professors from the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis Campus.

    Known as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Northeast offers a variety of housing options, including condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. There’s an excellent mix of new construction and well-maintained older homes, giving renters and buyers a sizable inventory to choose from.

    Specialty shops, antique stores, and restaurants that serve Irish, Polish, and German cuisine provide ample diversion, while creative spaces enable artists to thrive. The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District has been the city’s official Arts District since 2003.

  3. Uptown Minneapolis
    Discover an eclectic mix of major retailers, record stores, hole-in-the-wall joints, and luxury apartment buildings. Cultural mainstays like Lagoon Cinema and Magers & Quinn Booksellers, the largest independent bookstore in the city, exist alongside newly opened restaurants and chain stores.

    Glistening lakes and the Midtown Greenway’s cycling and walking trails provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. The neighborhood’s multifaceted quality attracts a lot of young singles.

  4. Nicollet Avenue
    Food and retail go hand-in-hand in Nicollet Avenue, one of hottest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. You’ll find a spectacular lineup of international restaurants between 14th and 29th streets – Greek, German, Caribbean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Asian are just some of the cuisines on offer. Look for pubs that serve amazing beer and cocktails.

    Nicollet Mall, a shopping district that offers 12 blocks of retail, is widely regarded as the city’s premier shopping destination. An ample selection of chain stores, popular brands, and local businesses will have you prowling the avenue for major bargains.

  5. North Loop
    Also known as the Warehouse District, the Loop has become one of the hippest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Target Field, a highly regarded baseball park, can also be found within the vicinity. It’s the perfect neighborhood for those who work downtown or who simply want to live close to all the action. Designers, artists, and musicians make up the bulk of the population, breathing life and creativity into the whole place.

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